Flight Report

Boddicker <trumanst@...>

2 Oct 06
Flight was to get hard numbers for climbs and descents. TO from 17 in calm
winds and smooth air. Climb to 4000¹. Would get the descent established and
time from 3500 down to 3000¹. Then get a climb established and time from
3500 to 4000¹ and so on. Very interesting.
Descents were all done at idle. Climbs were all at full throttle.
Descent at 110 mph was 1071 fpm.
100 mph was 937 fpm
95 mph was 909 fpm
90 mph was 810 fpm
85 mph was 789 fpm
Climbs were;
120 mph 545 fpm
110 mph 638 fpm
100 mph 714 fpm
95 mph 600 fpm
It would appear that 85 mph is the lowest sink rate, I am not sure if that
would make it the best glide speed. As my tests indicated before, the best
climb rate is 100 mph.
Back to the airport for landing. Everything normal. Great flight.

6 Oct 06
Flight today was short. Two tenths of an hour. I tried to reposition the
prop to get it ³clocked² better. It did not work. I had more vibration than
in the previous position. Will put it back before next flight.