Mold release

swensgoldflyer <swensgoldflyer@...>

I assume that someone else has already figured this out but I post it as a point of interest
for any who haven't heard of it.
I have been making some new composite parts for my TriQ. Today as I was preparing some
small complex shapes out of foam for female molds I wanted a quick way to prepare the
surface. It occured to me that I could try using the heat shrink film from a 3M window
insulating kit I had laying around. So I taped the film to the forms, got out the hair dryer and
shrunk it down to a perfect surface. I just pulled the parts out of these and they have a
surface like it was gel-coated. I believe you could use this technique for quite large parts. I
know that some craft stores sell the film in very wide rolls. I will keep experimenting and
report any other results.
Jon Swenson
TriQ200 converting to TriQvair