My Changes

Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

I would surely hope Jim and others don't quit on answering questions about
any part of Q construction. We all need to review all the idea's to arrive
at what we think is for each of us builders. I will give the reasons for the
changes I have made which are factual and can be proven technically if I
cared to take the time.

As far as the extra bellcrank, it is a fact they are adding more parts which
could fail. With my system, (standard tail dragger configuration), I go from
the rudder pedals direct to the rudder bellcrank then through two tailwheel
springs to the tailwheel. I can achieve the same less turning radius of the
tailwheel by just using the small gear big gear theory I explained in my
last post. (Thank you Bob for correcting me as I had it backwards). In
talking with Bob Farnan about this a few years ago he was concerned about
the strength of the rudder bellcrank, and I agree that must be strong enough
to withstand someone standing on the pedals to stop. With Hydraulics you can
skid the tires with very little pressure if you made the geometry at the
pedals right. (But what is the failure rate of the rudder bellcrank). That
is a very easy thing to beef up instead of adding all those bellcranks and
extra parts. Interrupting the rudder control cable in the middle is not my
idea of a safe installation. If there are those that want to go with the
extra parts have at it.

As far as the wheel alignment I would hope we all agree this is a very
important part of construction. Since there are those that are flying with
doing it per plans and those that have done the 6pac mod proves to me one
thing. They both have the correct alignment for their particular Q.
considering total weight on wheels and strength of the canard for spring. My
system allows for adjustment with different strength and or weight. What
adjustment is available with pointing a line to a fixed point at the other
wheel through the axle? So if yours is flying straight just be thankful. I
know for a fact Jim and Bobs go down the runway straight as I have been a
passenger 3 times with him and once with Bob F.

I would not build another one without toe brakes, I am flying a Sonerai
with heal brakes and they suck. It is great I don't need them on the runway,
just for stopping in front of the hangar.

What I have stated here are my ideas that have not flown yet. Just like
those that came up with the 6pac and various other ideas when they have not
yet flown either when they were designed. That is what Experimental is all
about. Enjoy it and learn from others.

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Sonerai is finished and flying

finishing the Q200