Sunbumps part 2 - the sequel !

Richard Thomson

3 months ago young Mike Dwyer wrote to me about refinishing when I first
started work on FN, and the phenomenon of the expanding peeling process, and
of course he was right, to some extent at least. The sunbumps remind me of
what mum said all those years ago , " leave those spots alone, the more you
play with them, the worse they will become" .
The tail cone is nearly restored, using West System and lightweight filler,
which has worked quite well provided you use the correct process.
Unfortunately the weather over here has been cool and wet for the best part
of the last 4 weeks, so although it now just needs a final splodge of filler
to level up in places, and repainting, it will be a few weeks before that
happens ( I have a metal workshop which condensates if you try to heat it
when it rains ) .
I have tested the paint surface and it is a two pack polyurethane, so I will
refinish with the same, better UV protection so the book says. I have been
trying a 2 pack polyester filler primer which first tests seem ok. It bonds
well to the original polyester and the new epoxy fillers.
The canopy is nearly all repaired as well, ready for paint, but it does need
the rubber seal replacing, which I am not sure if it is a standard P seal
used on all the Q's ? Anyone any info please ?

Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK