Mountain States Canard Wing Fly-In

Patrick Panzera <panzera@...>


There seems to be some confusion over the event being held at Jean NV next
month, formerly held at Laughlin, NV, and before that, Avra Valley AZ, and
although I'm not certain, probably traces it's roots back to Rex Taylor and
Elyo AZ.

The event is the "Mountain States Canard Wing Fly-In"
It's not a Quickie event, it's not a Dragonfly event, it's both, hence the
term "canard wing" (I didn't name it, but the name has stuck). The first one
I ever attended was actually the last one held at Avra Valley, and I believe
that was in 1999. Back then it was hosted exclusively by Don Stewart.

That year we had at least two forums, one was Margie Warnke who spoke on her
propeller business and another was someone who spoke of the dangers
associated with landing out in the desert. There may have been another one
or two, but I don't remember the details. But almost on the order of a
full-on forum was all the attention I received as I picked up the Corvair
engine core I had arranged to have delivered to me while at the event. Back
then, there was little known about Corvairs so there were a lot of questions
I found myself answering.

Due to issues I don't recall, Don moved the event to Laughlin, NV, where it
resided for six consecutive years. Since I was so deeply involved in Corvair
engines by then, I offered to present a forum, which included having William
Wynne and Bob Sutcliffe join us.

One thing leading to another, I found myself presenting an engine forum
every year, as well as helping Don with the event, including arraigning for
the awards dinner.

Several years into my support of the event, Don and I met up at the
Livermore fly-in (another west coast event I usually support by way of
presenting a Corvair engine forum) and discussed the future of Laughlin. The
infrastructure of the airport was declining as the airport was literally
being relocated. By this time I took over editorship of CONTACT! Magazine
and I had a desire to promote an alternative engine related fly-in. I
mentioned this to Don and asked if it would be OK to "piggyback" this new
event on his event. He had no problems with this and thought it was a great

So from 2004 on, while Don promoted the Mountain State Canard event, I would
promote the Alternative Engine Round-Up and
continue to support Don's event by helping with the dinner. The last year we
had the event at Laughlin, CONTACT! Magazine paid for the tent and the
potties, as by then, the infrastructure at Laughlin had us relegated to
standing on the tarmac for our meetings, as all the hangars were demolished.

It was then we decided to move it to Jean, with its carpeted and air
conditioned, multi-purpose building (complete with REAL bathrooms and a full
kitchen) and in my estimation, it was a raging success. Being on the
outskirts of LV, as opposed to being in the heart of Laughlin was maybe not
as exciting for those who like to gamble, but the walk to the hotel/casino
and the uncontrolled airspace made up for it in my eyes.

So anyhow, I just read the current issue of the Dragonfly newsletter, where
the editor was kind enough to "advertise" the CONTACT! Magazine event, but
in doing so, he inadvertently wrote that it was, "formally the Mountain
States TW Fly-In", which nothing could be further from the truth.

I'd just like to clear the air and make sure that everyone understands that
BOTH events run concurrently, and one has not taken over the other. And with
that, I'd like to remind everyone that time is running out and that the
cheap prices on hotel rooms will be vanishing soon. The date of the Mountain
State Canard Wing Fly-In is April 27-29. The on-site hotel is the Gold

I just called checked prices for rooms:
Thursday, April 26, $35.95
Friday, April 27, $55.95
Saturday, April 28, $65.95
Sunday, April 29, $35.95

They are nice rooms too, with a view of the airport if you request it.

As we get closer to the event, the room prices will go up to $89.95 on
Saturday, and they will most likely sell-out as they did last year. Then the
options are to stay down the road at Primm, or in LV proper, or some of the
smaller cities and towns around LV, so it's really best to book early.