Tri Q Main hoop attachment bolts

Richard Thomson

Hi All,
I am in the process of taking the bolts out of the landing gear hoop at
present to replace them and check the fittings etc. One of the bolts
seemed easy to undo, the other is corroded solid into the tube. The
worrying thing is the one that seemed easy, was in fact half sheared
through, and finally sheared off tonight as I was working it out of the
fitting. Looking at the break, its quite obvious that it has been
cracked for some time, and there is some bend in the bolt, so has seen
some action in its time. The other one is still stuck fast and looks
like a long job.
It may be worth adding a check to the next maintenance session to look
at and replace them if they are fairly old, possibly with a smear of
anti sieze as the new ones go back. I nearly left them as they were,
and I'm glad now that I didn't, even that they are a pain to sort out.

Richard Thomson
Tri Q 200 G BMFN