MIxture control arm Continental 0200 (A75-0200 manual) link request

Clive Clapham

Hey back Bruce

Okie...........Yeah some people get Okie, Ok. Either way as you asked.

Try this link, http://pj260.com/Continental/O-200%20Manual.pdf

should get you right there, thanks to Alan Laudani on the 200 list, for showing the correct link.

Let me know if you find it?


--- In Q-LIST@..., "jcrain2@..." <jcrain2@...> wrote:

Hey Clive,
I checked Quickheads.com and also the member only list on the Quickie Group site and couldn't find the link that you suggested for the 0200. I am a dinosaur so maybe I am not looking in the right spot.

Isn't and Okie a mixed drink! Or does it just make you act like you had one?

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