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The fuel filter I use a FRAM G3359 from your neighborhood auto parts store. It was chosen because it was easily available, relatively cheap, and had the right sized connectors. I replace it annually, so price and availability are important. There may be several models that have the right sized connectors – I just picked one that looked right. After I was sure it worked I wrote the part number down so I could do it again the following year! It has now worked for many years!

I do not have a filter between the header tank and the carburetor – only between the main tank and the header. I didn’t want any pressure loss to the carburetor. The only way into my header tank is through the main tank, so I figured I only needed one filter – you may decide otherwise! You may want to flush your tanks a time or two before you fly (filter on the way in and out) to remove any construction debris. Run both tanks all the way dry to ensure you got any dust or foam pieces that may be floating in tank.

Your mileage may vary, but this is what has worked for me! I’m glad to hear that you are so close! Good luck getting it finished!

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200, N17PF ~1400 hours over 20 years

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Secondly, what fuel filter are you Q200 fliers using? I know that the
little glass job is taboo but is there a commonly used one by most? Thanks

Jerry Brinkerhuff Q200 getting closer to this year's flight