Fuel Filters (was Quickie AD notes)

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Hi Clive,

I REALLY discourage the use of any filter that has a small suface area. In addition to all the stories in the past newsletters, I have had one off field landing (in my Q1) due to filter contamination. I had found and installed some REALLY cool looking little filters. After the off-field landing, I found that a VERY small amount of debris had completely plugged the filter. I only use large metal filters now. I replace at every annual and cut them apart to see how much junk I collected - there is always more than I expect.


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Hi I'm using the the glass ones, photo uploaded just visible, they are fine so long as they are modified with either a spring or a pin to stop the threaded retainer unwinding and covering the hole.

mine visible so gets check each time the canopy is opened., and can be seen whilst seated.