I had a nice phone converstation with Sam Kittle yesterday about making the database a little more useful. You're right, the current database captures a lot of data including empty weight, and it wouldn't be too difficult to add a field for "brakes."

Sam's concern was that it wasn't very easy to contact a Q builder that showed up on the Member Map. That's a valid point, and it would also be nice to be able to see and filter all of the other data collected to help us all compare apples to apples a bit better.

My concern is, as always, SPAM. The website gets nearly 4000 visitors per month, a lot of those visitors go to the Member Map. How do I make it easy to contact fellow builders/flyers, while making it difficult for SPAMMERS to flood all of your inboxes with Viagra ads?

My initial thought is to have 2 versions of the Member Map. One version that the public sees, and another version that is only visible to QBA members.

The public version would be similar to what is available now. You can see where people are, but there is no additional info, and no contact info.

The "Members Only" version would provide the contact info for anyone on the map, as well as show all of the "extra" information collected in the database. (In a filterable table below the map.) You would need to be a current paid member, and logged-in to see it.

The problem with THAT is that although interest in the designs is increasing, and FREE registrations on the site are going up, paid QBA membership numbers are starting to dwindle. Would this be a significant enough benefit to encourage membership renewal? What do you think would add value to your QBA membership? Do you honestly feel you're getting $20 worth of value from your QBA membership? What can I do to improve?

Once you've asked those questions, turn it around and ask yourself: If I were the QBA Editor what would I do differently? (an how much effort would that require?) If I were the QBA Editor, what would keep ME motivated to continue? More money? More article submissions? More community involvement? Ideally, the Quickie Builders Association would benefit everyone. (Including your humble Editor.) ;-)

I'm open to any feedback you all have. (Good or Bad.) I'm a big boy, I can take it, I just want some help figuring out how to proceed with QBA and keeping it vibrant and active.

Thanks all,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011 06:46:23 -0500, L.J. French wrote:
This is all good information, but since we already have a really nice
builders database I wander if we could just get this information
added into
that database.

I for one would like to see us build on that so that we have a one
place to go for all builder/aircraft information.

I think we all know a very talented individual that - in his sleep -
add a couple fields to our existing database to capture things like
"brakes". I believe empty weight is already captured on that
database along
with most of the other info.

Just a thought.

LJ French
Tri-Q200 / Q-vair