VORTEX Generators..still no clear picture... but thanks for the ...

Terry Crouch

Well spoken Phil. I have a couple of comments. There is nothing you can
do to slow this airplane down appreciably, if it doesn't work for you get a
different airplane. When you fly this airplane don't accept a poor
approach, GO AROUND. Flying at your home airport with out the luxury of long
runways this will become much more important.

Terry Crouch
Quickie N14TC

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Thank you Phil appreciate your advice...I will be in Asheville in the
beginning of next year to continue training. I am not comfortable yet, but
confident enough to admit it...But I will get there...one day

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thanks for the feedback

Do not change anything about Earnest Martin's airplane. Learn "fast" and
embrace it. You will get used to it and you will not be harmed by "fast".
The airplane likes to take off, fly, and land there. Fear "slow" and "sudden
deceleration" and "vertical decent" but don't fear "fast".

There are tons of aircraft that require "fast" and this is just fine.