Off List re Q200 Spar

Mike Perry

Hello Jim:

There is another factor I am not putting on the list at this time:  I'm having trouble with the FAA over my medical.  I served in Vietnam (Marines), then went to Medical School and worked in ERs.  Bad combination -- I have problems with PTSD type symptoms, somewhat worse since I retired.

Actually, I am quite angry with the FAA medical department.  I have a treatment plan that involves Meditation, frequent church attendance with the Franciscans, and monthly counseling with my psychiatrist.  The treatment plan works well.  The FAA treats me like a suspect in a criminal conspiracy -- they seem sure I am taking drugs now or likely to in the future. 

I just completed my physical, and I altered some of the statements to emphasize the conservative approach I have taken.  If they harasses me this time I will probably sell the Cessna and abandon the Q 200 project.  As you can imagine, this makes it hard for me to even think about working on the Q 200.  If they change the requirement for the third class medical I would re-consider.

Please do not mention this on the list -- I do not want to deal with the reactions I expect. 


John Hartley

Oops, inside voice Mike.