Radio noise and Iridium plugs

Jay Scheevel

Hi Guys,

This note came through on the Jabiru engines group and I thought it may be of interest to you all:

"I have a 3300 on a pusher, with the VHF antenna embedded in the vertical fin.  The ignition noise dramatically limited communication from distant stations.  I have a VAL Com 2000 which seems not to have any pulse limiting circuitry at all.

So I found the magnecore cables and installed the 8.5mm ones.  This helped significantly, but the static whas still there.  Then, based on information from this forum, I bought NKG iridium resistor plugs.  To do an A/B comparison I put resistor plugs on one mag only.  The difference was remarkable.  I had no discernible noise on the resistor plugs. 

So now I have them all installed and am virtually noise free.  Thanks to all who posted on the subject."