nylaflow question

Richard Thomson

Hi Guys,

Here is a couple of shots of the Teflon hose trial installation on my Triq200.Looks like it will work quite well with the angled unions, and will keep the Nylaflow away from the worst of the heat. Will fit some temperature strips when ready to test, to check whats happening. Intend to fair the bracket and nylaflow to keep out of feets way as part of finishing.

Richard T

Martin Skiby

Nice job.

I took my nylaflow all the way to the brake, but installed a sleeve of larger nylaflow in the gear leg so I can easily change the tube at any time.  Has not been changed since 1995 at this point and is doing fine.  I use Fiber Frax and aluminum tape for a heat barrier.  Works great.  Your install looks mush heartier however and a great idea.

Make sure to still use Frax and tape on the gear leg to protect from heat.  Just on the gear next to the brake disc.  I have seen a Long Eze gear fail in taxi from super heating the gear leg on a long taxi.  Not pretty.