Pitot /Static System [4 Attachments]

Dave Dugas

Electric drill. Nice job by the way. Can't wait to see it in the air. 
Dave D

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I plan to avoid Jim's problem by not having a static line..... Just kidding!. Paul is always good with diagnostics :-)

By the way, here are few pics of my completed reflexor assembly. It is basically Paul Spackman's design  with the difference being an actuator that is a cable/pulley arrangement with a control handle. Works really great, no slack, smooth positive feel and pull and also a friction lock by twisting the handle. Whoever can identify where I got the control handle, you win a prize.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

Jay Scheevel

Very good! You win, Dave! (Prize TBD). That was from a RIGID electric drill, which quit working and was thrown out (do not buy is my recommendation...stick with DeWalt), but the aux handle was sure nice with steel clamp-band and reinforced nylon handle. Probably worth the purchase just for that.