Looking for Weishaar/Doyle LS1 canard info

Dave Anderson <usaf_david@...>

Hello everyone.  I've been poking around the Q-Talk archives, reading about the Weishaar/Doyle LS1 canard.  It's a CF box spar in lieu of the CF tubes.

Through Sam, I was able to contact Jim Doyle who replied that he lost what was left of their canard plan and instructions during a computer swap.  He did say that several were sent out over the years and he suggested I ask around to see if anyone may have them archived somewhere.

Would any of you have or know where I could possibly find a copy of the Weishaar/Doyle LS1 canard plans?  I have not set out to build anything yet.  I'm more researching a possible follow-on project to the plan I'm finishing up now.  

Dave Anderson

Chris Walterson

Dave-------- The Dragonfly has a box type spar with carbon fiber. I think there was Q guy years ago that built his Q2 canard this way.----------- Canad Chris


Wacky question.  Has anyone successfully built a DF canard and wing and affixed them to a Q?  Shortening the WS I'm sure, if anyone has.


It has been done a couple of times without shorting the WS. Brett & Ted Garber have one of them in fact theirs has the DF MKII landing gear.