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Thanks for the heads up. I will keep that in mind for test flight.  I have a sonerai with a VW so I have been through the trials of balancing cooling a drag.  
Do you remember any specs of configuration and prop with the 1/2vw?

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I flew some test hours behind a 1/2 VW. I think you'll like it. Cooling was a problem and 

it looks like you might not have enuff so WATCHIT.


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I am in the process of installing a 1/2vw on my q1.  The biggest job was creating the cowling.  The 1/2vw engine mounts were easy.  This is where I left off this spring.  I will return to the project this winter.  I finished my sonerai this summer.  I have split lines created in my mold so I can layup top and bottom cowling plus checks individually in the mold to create fitted parts with flanges.  I flew this airplane with the Onan last summer and fall.  

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A lotta this Q-1 alternative engine stuff was covered in Quicktalk 15-20 years ago.

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Howdy everyone,

I bought N4WH back in September 2015. It has sat in a garage collecting dust for the last two years. The reports I have read from previous owners of the planes suggest that the engine (Kawasaki 340 upgraded by Advance Engine Design) was a good one. However, I could not find a manual, logs, or anyone besides a friend who works on motorcycles (no aircraft experience) who could or would touch the engine. It has compression and seems to be in pretty good shape, but I never felt comfortable trusting my life to it. I also didn't like the limitation caused by needing ethanol-free automotive fuel.

After two years of searching, I finally found a mechanic who would work on experimental aircraft in the Houston area. He said "Don't fly the kawasaki quickie" with strong conviction. I never really did feel comfortable about the mystery engine, so I'm going to go with his advice on this one.

The kawasaki 340 engine is for sale. It has a prince prop. Make an offer. I was thinking about designing a utility drone around it, but if someone has a better use for it, I'd rather see it go to a good home.

I am also looking for an engine that would be suitable to repower the quickie. I'm looking more for ideas and information from people who have flown the Q1 with different engines. I could be interested in buying something, but my airplane budget is kind of low at the moment.

My biggest priority would be cross country capability. I would like something that burns 100LL, is reliable, and doesn't burn too much.

I was thinking about converting a VW engine... I'm looking at different options, but haven't decided on the best one yet. What do you all think?



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The workmanship looks good. However:

The design of the area between the bottom of the cheeks and the top of the canard is a big aerodynamic boo-boo. The interference drag will cost you big mph on the top end. Also, there is some speculation that the wake from that area may cause loss of aileron control at low air speeds. Please be careful and do a full flight test program including low speed handling tests and crossed controls tests.