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Paul Fisher

Jay, are you going to get through phase I in time for the FOD flying in Enid?  I'm hoping to see your airplane there this year!  Three hours in four weeks should be doable!


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Hi Guys,


After gathering quite a bit of inflight performance data on N8WQ (still in phase 1 testing), I have compiled most of the climb performance data. Trying to stay at a fairly constant density altitude, also keeping pressure altitude fairly constant. The air temperature this time of year mean that a comfortable MSL testing altitude of ~6000’ is at a DA around 8800’, so these data reflect that flying environment. Holding my GW around 1050 pounds for these tests.


I am happy to see that the climb data is confirming the relatively unconventional L/D profile that I got from my numerical modeling effort a few years ago. When I say unconventional, I mean that the highest L/D ratios occur very close to the lowest end of the stable airspeed range. The model chart shows L/D for level flight at a given airspeed. My flight data is measuring climb angle/rate as a function of airspeed at full power, not exactly the same thing, but close.


I have yet to gather climb data below about 78 mph IAS (and that was at 10000’ DA, so is not on this chart). I will get into the mid-70’s, but my pitch-buck occurs at around 70, so I approach that speed cautiously, when at full power.  Here is what I have so far.



Jay  Tri-Q2 N8WQ, 37 hours.

Jay Scheevel

Hi Paul,

Hoping to do that, but my total time is not my testing time, since I had about 10 hours of ground time prior to flight. Nevertheless, I am still hopeful. The plane is running great except the "trans" part of my transponder does not seem to be working, so I need to "ponder" why that is happening.