Short Q200 Flight video

Mike Dwyer


What prop are you running with your 0200?

Mike( wannabe) Q200

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Mike Dwyer

Hi Mike,
I have a Marge Warnkee prop, but she's out of business.  The best prop I ever had was a Bernard Warnkee prop but he passed away... My prop turns around 2900 RPM at full power sea level so it's pitched for power.  It makes the Q200 really get up and go.  I probably lose a bit of efficiency at cruise but that's ok.  I still have a good blade from the Bernard Warnkee and have toyed with duplicating it.  One day...
Get er done!
Mike Q200 N3QP
ps, thanks to everyone for the thumbs up and good comments!  

Jim Patillo

I second that Mike. Bernie Warnke made beautiful fast wood props, 32 laminations if I remember correctly. I had a 60/66 Warnke which I overstressed and is now hanging on the pool room wall but it was smooth and had great climb and cruise. I could turn that prop 3200 rpm at sea level.

I’ve run a 60/72 Catto Prop with leading edge protection for a long time now and have had good results. It is a excellent all around prop.

Since the Catto is pitched a little different than the Warnke, the Catto will absorb more HP. As a result, max rpm at sea level drops to 2950-3,000 rpm WOT.


Q plusTwo

32 laminations(!) on a wood prop? Now that is some dedicated craftsmanship!


Jim Patillo

Bernie Warnke was a true craftsman.His daughter Marge not quite as good as her father but she still made a nice prop.

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