Posting rules for the Q-List - PLEASE READ

Paul Fisher

As list owners, Sam and I have been thinking we need to post some rules about what gets posted to the Q-List mailing list.  So here goes -
  1. Everything should be related to some variant of the Quickie, Q2, Q-200, or TriQ.  Sometimes that relationship may be a little weak, but if it doesn't relate to these aircraft, please take it to another forum.
  2. Be polite.  We don't need personal attacks or foul language.  If you wouldn't want your mother to read your message, then you shouldn't send it!
  3. No politics, religion, etc.  There are a lot of other forums for those types of discussions, they don't belong on the Q-List.
  4. When the conversation drifts from the original topic, please start a new topic specific to what is being discussed (with an appropriate subject line).  You can do this by mailing directly to
  5. Don't send "me too" messages.  Either add to the conversation or don't send your message.  We have over 900 people on this list, so please be respectful of their time and mailboxes!  Also remember we are an international group, so make sure your statements and humor will be understood by everyone.
  6. Take personal conversations off the list (don't just hit "reply"!).  If something comes up in your conversation that everyone could use, summarize it into a single message to the list.
  7. Be brief. People aren't interested in your long diatribe.  Read over your message before you send it and ask yourself a few questions like "Am I adding to the conversation?", "Can I say this better?", "Do I need to send this at all?", "Does anyone really care?".
  8. BE PATIENT!  You are going to get some messages you don't like or don't agree with.  Unless it's a genuine safety concern, don't feel the need to reply - just use the delete key and go on with your life!
We've got a lot of people who are still building (or dreaming about building!).  We don't want to confuse them with ideas that have not be tested.  If you've got an idea that you think would greatly improve the Q design, use the Q-Performance mailing list.  You can post to it by sending your message directly to  Feel free to discuss whatever whacky idea you may have.

We have also set up a separate subgroup specifically for the single place Quickie and the Tri-Q.  If your message is specific to one of those platforms (and no one else would care), feel free to use those groups.  Again, we're trying to keep the main list as "clean" as we can.  Use and for those subgroups.

If you've got questions or comments about any of these rules, please DO NOT send them to the list.  Send them directly to myself or Sam Hoskins (rv7a.n18pf@... or sam.hoskins@...).  We own the Q-List and we'll consider all suggestions and criticisms.  We've both been involved with the Q group for 35+ years, and we both have over 1500 hours on our birds, so we think we are qualified.  However, we are also both lazy and would prefer to let the list police itself.  So please follow the rules listed above so we don't have to get involved with moderating the list or its members!

Thank you.

Paul A. Fisher
Q-200 N17PF

Summary of the Q-Lists and their addresses:

The main Q-List (everyone receives these):
Send emails to:

Only members specifically subscribed to the subgroups will receive messages posted to these.
Quickie-1 Subgroup for discussion of all things related to the original single-place Quickie:

Tri-Q Subgroup to discuss all things that are unique to the Tri-Q setup.  Particularly, the landing gear installation, repairs, modifications and suppliers:
Send email to:

Q-Performance Subgroup for folks venturing where others dare not tread. This includes alternative engine installations, and odd-ball airframe mods that aren't really relating to folks trying to build a "stock" aircraft: