Two Q2's for $1000 and project update.


It's been a while since I last updated. I believe my last posts involved a search for a canard as mine was cracked down to the foam right threw the spar caps. I put a wanted add on barnstormers and called a contact that came from Jim Patillo. Ron Evans. I ended up driving out to Ohio to pick up a set of carbon spars from a barnstormers contact and the fellow made me take the whole thing.....uh. Ok. Now I have my parts plus a ton of extra stuff.
  Tonight Ron Evans called and asked if I was still interested in his two Q2 kits (GU canards). I have more Quickie stuff now than I need, but i would love to help the guy out. He seems like really nice fellow. I said the only thing I can do is mention it on here and see if anybody would be interested in them. He said I could put his phone number on and see what happens.

Ron Enans number is  1 (510) 205-1934
San Jose, CA