Flight Report

Mike Dwyer

I did a flight this morning and landed at 11am.... 95 degrees and 70% humidity. A strong left crosswind with no gusts and a perfect left wheel landing. I like it when a plan comes together. The airport was crazy busy with C-130's, Airlines, and touch and goes... The controller really did a great job keeping everyone apart. Had some rain showing on the ADS-B and darned if it wasn't right there. Because I fly under a Class B, everyone here is running ASD-B out and it's great for seeing traffic. I used to run a ZAON deal and it sucked compared to ADS-B.

The St Pete Clearwater (Tampa Bay) area has been hit by a severe case of Red Tide this year. Red Tide is a bacteria that gets in the water and kills fish by the millions which wash ashore and stink. This video is a slide show of the various Gulf of Mexico beaches shot at 1000 feet up and 150 mph. Lots of the dark areas are not Red Tide, they are due to a lack of sun due to hitting clouds first. Look for the irregular shades of dark water near the beach. We had a Bandit Phosphate plant release millions of gallons into Tampa Bay over the winter and we believe that is the cause of the Red Tide this year.

Check out the slide show.  https://youtu.be/LTfJzryIfIs

Mike Dwyer N3QP

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