Flight Report and 4 into 4 Exhaust pipe update

Mike Dwyer

I built my 4 into 4 exhaust pipes out of auto exhaust pipe material and flanges from AS.  After 420 hours and 16 years the #2 pipe developed a crack near the flange.  I've updated my web page on the pipes with the pictures and some info.  

After I got the repaired pipe back from the welder ($20) I installed the pipe.  The 4 into 4 system made this really easy.  I had to take off one intake tube and then could get to the exhaust nuts.  Probably took 20 min to put back together.  I then cleaned up the brakes and replaced the wheel bearings on the left side.  The wheel bearings on the right side were perfect but the left had a damaged permanent seal so wouldn't have lasted much longer.  

I went for a little check out flight.  90F and 80% humidity.  I saw on the radar a little green precip to the North so planned to just circle around that.  After takeoff I climbed fast to 2500'.  Stayed low just enough to stay out of the Tampa Class B.  Then headed North to do a little ham radio.  I could see some light precip on the ADS-B but out the window it looked great.  Usually if there is rain here in FL you see this grey shaft of rain.  Oops, I'm in the rain.  It was just this light stuff and not interfering with visibility at all.   I quickly checked my carb temp and saw around 45F then made a left turn to the South.  Well darn, I can't really do ham radio stuff to the south.  Too easy to bust the Class B that direction and the rain might just move over the airport.  Oh well, 30 minute flight so I decided to call back in for a  landing and call it a day.  Oh, on taxi out the brakes were pulling to the right.  I have the single handle that applies pressure to both brakes.  After landing, the brakes were back to being even, nice.  

Plane was pretty dirty and the rain did a good job cleaning it!


Fly Safe,
Mike Dwyer Q200 N3QP

Q200 Website: http://goo.gl/V8IrJF