Flight Report(s)

Jay Scheevel

Finally finished and signed off my annual last weekend and flew the Q for the first time in 5 weeks, flying both yesterday and today in the morning air. Nothing special, a 30 minute flight each morning along the mighty Colorado River, over my house and then back to the airport at about 1000 AGL, then put the plane away and drove to work with a smile on my face. (Not as big a smile as Terry Crouch, who does not have to drive to work anymore).


This was the first time since last spring where the density altitude pretty much matched up with MSL, so the plane accelerated and jumped off the ground nicely. It was running so well (both days) AND  the air was so glass smooth AND  it was so beautiful, in the morning sun with the yellow cottonwoods along the river bank, that I actually thought “Why do I even fly in the summer, with bumps, heat, etc.? 


Not much to report, other than yesterday and today were such a great days to fly. The plane was having as much fun as I was (I am going back for thirds tomorrow morning!).


Those that are building, keep at it. You won’t regret all those hours building, once you are flying.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ 192 hours.