FOD Report

Kevin Boddicker


I would appear that the FOD 2022 has come to a close.

Lets start with Thursday morning. Myself, Terry Crouch and Paul Fisher were supposed to meet for breakfast in Reedsburg WI., just to have a destination and mission to fly.
Well, the weather was less than VFR. Mostly like IFR, so that was scrubbed. Paul did fly to DEH that morning arriving about 9:15. We were holding the fort, when Rod Herzig, arrived in his Cozy
about 12:30PM. With Dave D. to follow at 4:00 PM. Dave flew over at 2:30, but diverted to CJJ for a more favorable runway due to wind. Dave arrived DEH at about 4:30 in a C150, as he hasn’t completed the repairs on his plane from last years trip to Enid. In the meantime we went to Mickey D’s for a quick bite.
Jay Scheevel arrived about 5:30ish in his Tri Q Variant. We all went to T Bocks for dinner about 7:30.

Friday morning was cool and partly cloudy. Very nice. We still had the strong crosswind, but everyone contended with it. First to arrive was Kurt Wegge from Grimes IA. in his Long Ez. New attendee, nice to meet him. He bugged out sometime after 2:00PM. Charlie Lipke drove in from LaCrosse WI. He has a Q1, but didn’t fly it in. Sam Kittle from CA. also arrived. He is building a Q200 and it should be done soon.
Soon after Kurt, Sam Hoskins blew in from the south in his Q200 with a tailwind. Shortly after that Bruce and Honey Lamb(the Crain’s) were on the ground in their Tri Q200, and not to be outdone, Terry in his Q1 came screaming in from the south as well. So we all decide to have BBQ for lunch, off we went. Excellent food and conversation. If you weren’t there, you missed out. At 5:30 Alan Thayer arrived from Livermore CA. in his Long Ez. The longest distance attendee. Congrats Alan! My wife Brenda came to the event for a while, she and Joanne went to Luana to drop of our dog, and came back to have dinner at a local brewery. How could we go wrong? WE didn’t!!!

Saturday morning was about the same as Friday, brisk and the wind was still 90° cross 10 to 15 with some gusts.
Hanger flying and cowl off for Alan. Rod replaced his hour meter, with some verbal help from all. I didn’t mention that there is a new HUGE hanger on the field. All but three of us were in the hanger rather than on the ramp. There
had been weather, forecast for Friday and Saturday nights, so we were pleased to be inside. There was room for 10 to 15 more Q’s in the hanger, but they were not there. Next year maybe. Last evening we had Mexican at a resturant, named Don Jose. Very good. Nice evening, we all sang Happy B day to Honey Lamb, a day late, but we got it done.

Sunday the departures are always bittersweet. Happy we had time together, but hate to see them go. Terry was first, then Paul then Crain’s, Jay, Dave, Roddy, and Alan.
We had 9 planes fly in, with mine, ten at the event. A real fly in if I do say so.
As of this writing everyone has either made it home or on the ground at their respective over night stops.

I had fun as the host, with help from all.
I will host again next year. Date to be determined.
Our real hosts were Mike and Ava Connell, at the DEH airport. Rolled out the red carpet for all. Anything we needed, we had I thank them much.

Sorry we missed all those that were not able to attend, but where is plenty of time to make plans for next year.

Keep um flyin!

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B 590 hrs
Luana, IA.