Visit to Kevin Sheely and his Q 200 and midspan hinge. Brakes for the Tri Q.

Stephen Theron

Thank you Jay, if a shimmy happens I will get back to you and the group.


An area where I have a problem coming up are the brakes. I have the Airheart brakes which have corroded badly. Airheart brakes are no longer manufactured as far as I can determine and spares very limited. Do you or anyone else on the group have advice on a replacement?


Thank you




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Thanks for the photos, Steven. Glad you got to see Kevin’s nice Q2. It looks like you have a “custom” nose gear leg and fork on your tri-Q. Just from an eyeball evaluation, you may find that the design will be prone to shimmying. Once you get to taxi testing you can determine if that is the case. If you find it is doing that, check back in  with us and we can give you some suggestions on reducing that. 




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On the 2nd October Kevin Sheely connected with me while I was visiting my son in Boynton Beach. The next day we drove to Kevin’s hangar and viewed his beautiful and immaculate Quickie Q 200.


I was immediately impressed realising what I could do with the restoration of my Tri Q2. I am now motivated to get it finished. My quickie was standing for about 23 years before I purchased it  and had accumulated a fair amount of rust mostly on the controls and disc brakes. There is still work to be done before it is complete and the next step is to have it painted. The engine is a Revmaster 65 horse power which I will have to have upgrade before it is approved.


I see the midspan hinge is topical at the moment. The left hinge and bush needed replacing. After manufacturing the hinge I had the bushes manufactured by 2 engineering friends using a lathe and mill. One is phosphor bronze and the other is acetal.


As a matter of interest I belong to EAA 322 Johannesburg South Africa. This year we had a group of about 100 visit Oshkosh.


Thank you Kevin for connecting with me and adding to my enjoyable trip.




Stephen Theron




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Oilite bearings are well suited for the task.

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The bushings that came with the kit were plated steel with a straight knurled shoulder I believe.



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Yes that's the number in the plan, need to measure it out but that looks like it would work from ACS, thanks for the link!!!

Robert Schmid




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QCSM4? Isn’t that just a standard oilite shoulder bushing? It’s a press fit into a 5/16” hole into a 1/8” thick 2024-T3 Aluminum part (CS-17) and supports the 3/16” (IIRC) QCSM3 headless AN-bolt. Should be a standard FF303-01 oilite bushing from ACS:

I hope I’m not wrong….



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I posted about this before and Jim jumped to the rescue with a Q200 part but unfortunately it didn't fit.

Anyone has a spare bushing please for the middle elevator hinge on my Q2 GA wing? Or if you know the part number for McCarr?

Thanks Robert
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Love building planes almost as much as flying. Latest completed build is "Loki", a Chinook Plus 2 bush plane.



Robert "TheFrisco" Schmid
(408) 805-5450

Love building planes almost as much as flying. Latest completed build is "Loki", a Chinook Plus 2 bush plane.



Hi Stephen,

I am using MATCO master cylinders (toe brakes) and calipers.