Rudder cables hook up

Norman Coote

Here is how I hookup my rudder cables with a access panel in bottom of tailcone for access when tailcone is connected to main fuselage. Cables are routed around access panel with pulleys so I can get my shoulders through to do connections for all cable connections. Rudder cables go through the center console as normal.

Chris Walterson

I have always uses stainless cable and have the custom ends swagged at Aircraft Spruce. The other end I use the nicopress with the cheap homebuilder tool from ACS. The one you use a 1/2 wrench to tighten.

 The plans may call for 3/32, but be carefull, because in Canada all rudder cables need to be 1/8th , although you may be able to argue the point.-----------------  take care----------------- Chris

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