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Robert-------------  For alignment you may want to turn the fuselage upside down, installing 1x4 along the longeron to spread the load.

 Load the canard close to the tips to 450 lbs each side.

 Buy yourself one of the lazer levels that has horizontal and vertical lazers. Mine is self leveling with a gimble.  They don't cost much and used by lots of carpenters.

 With the top of the canard level,using the lazer you should be able to position all the holes, then you can decide on toe out. You may have to move the level and use one of the references you marked to get both sides of the wheel pants. For toe out line the vertical  lazer on the bottom of the wheel pants and make a mark. Measure down from the mark with a level to get the position. You can then move the inner mark forward to get the toe out you want

 This will give you zero camber at 900 lbs or if you want load it heavier and get zero camber.

 I built my Super Quickie the plans way, but always had to much camber and did the gall alignment later. I think it is better to actually load the airplane than to simply rely on the math. have fun------------------  Chris

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Here is my issue ... I don't understand the math. Is it 5 degrees camber out when loaded or when unloaded?

And I am afraid the boat has sailed to do it inverted, bad planning on my part I guess to put the engine and everything on first :-(

Thanks for the details and if easier, please call me for a live conversation,

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