A simple STOL mod for Qs

Edward N. MacLeod <ed@...>

Leon wrote:
" Perhaps to "seal" this gap you might use a vertical piece of .020"
aluminum as a flow fence on the inboard end of the elevator? It would
easy to temporarily glue one on to test."

Hi Leon,
I was thinking the same thing. Fence is a good term for it.
It would be very interesting to see the color models with with the
elevators down.

Perhaps we can ask one of the Old Bold Q drivers to try the mod?

A word of CAUTION to voulinteers, this mod may substantialy change
flying characteristcs.
Roll instability and spin potential at stall onset will likely increase
with the mod.
Stall onset may be more abrupt.
Stall speed will almost certainly go down.

There is no reason to believe that the experimental mod is dangerous,
but you may try a half length seal first to be prudent.

Happy flights,

Ed m