Anyone know gross for Q1 ?

John ten Have <Jtenhave@...>

Ralph, Chris,

remember that the total C of G range for the Q1 is 0.75 inches. The c of g is not under the wing so 18 to 30 lbs aft is going to have a very real effect. The gotcha is that these aircraft feel delightful at the aft c of g condition and one is easily lulled into a false sense of security but it it may not be safe.


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Ralph------- There's enough room behingd the seat in a Quickie to
install a wedge style aux fuel tank. Could be 3--5 gallons and it's
close enough to the cg to not be a real problem. I'm not breaking new
ground here, but following the lead of Jinx and Hawk and also getting
alot of help from Robert Bounds. ---------- Canada Chris

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