COPPERSTATE this weekend.

Patrick Panzera

Ralph Maloof (Revmaster Aviation) and I will be at COPPERSTATE this weekend, at the Buckeye AZ airport.  
Ralph will have the production version of the Turbocharged R-2300 on display. It's literally just the R-2300 with a turbo attached, so you can get a look at the R-2300 too. 

The prototype has been flogged for a couple hundred hours on the test stand - it's literally the same as the one that they sold years ago - but back then, it was only 2100cc, and had dual mags. Now it's 2331cc and has dual electronic ignition - same as the normally aspirated R-2300. 

Last year we had the R-3000 and the R-2300 with a belted PSRU on display at COPPERSTATE.

Me and Ralph.jpg

...and later on at Sun n Fun we had the Turbo R-2300 and the R-3000 on display, along with Glen's Bradley's CX-5 with his 800 hour R-2300 in it:


Please feel free to come by the booth and say hi.