Flight report 2022, (Mostly for the Quickie Builders group)

Mike Dwyer

My first flight of 2022 occurred on 1-5-2022.  On New Years day we were fogged in bad.  Today didn't look too bad.  All the local airports were VFR with light winds.  Supposed to be in the 70F's.  Looks pretty good here, let's go flying!
Got to the airport and the engine was 65F.  Started up pretty well.  Taxi out and take off on RWY 36.  The plan is to go high and do some ham radio using the highest tower in Florida!  I generally get a pile up of hams wanting to talk to an airplane.

Looking out over the Gulf of Mexico it doesn't look great.


Looking back to inland FL it looks even less great!  I think I'll do a 180 and head back to the airport.

Over the Gulf the visibility wasn't bad and I got back below the clouds at 4000' and headed home.  Logged only 45 min flight.  I then went and pulled up the weather report again.  Due to the 4000' ceiling all the airports are VFR!  I guess I was meant to stay below the clouds today!

Mike Dwyer Q200 N3QP

Q200 Website: http://goo.gl/V8IrJF