GU Q-2 Project available in Southern California

Phil Lankford

Yep. I have one and hangar inspection is coming up. I have a trailer capable of relocating locally. PM me if interested. 
Phil Lankford. 

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 A Vanguard V, Briggs and Stratton. They are used in auto racing....with of course modifications to the innards.

This is Briggs & Stratton Slingshot Racing


 I've also seen these run in micro drag racing...pushing the limits of the internals but that is the nature of 
drag racing. Circle track looking to endurance. The racer telling how little has to be done to keep on the
track for an entire season is remarkable. Valve springs and oil changes after 60 hard running races!  

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Nice!  What engine will you use?  Yep you will get a lot of sanding in the process!  

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The fuselage of Q1 is coming up from the foam and the stuff is very sandy :-))

Some picture from the progress .....