Q1 parts


I am told that a gentleman named Leon McAtee had a full set of pieces-parts drawings for the  Q1. Anyone know how to contact him?

Hot Wings

Just joined this group today and saw this post.

I do have the Q-1 in 2D CAD and at one time a set of full size prints for the metal parts and templates.  I still have the files but my plotter died and I don't have the desire to distribute them.  The last time I did they were scanned, poorly, and offered on eBay.  The DXF of that scan were at one time in the files section of the old Yahoo group. 

The DXF for the Q-2 foils I posted a long time ago were CAD generated and offset for the thickness of the laminations.

If I get my engine project finished (see post in the Q-1 sub group) I'll put the metal parts sets I have setting on the shelf on the market.  Consider my efforts nothing more than vaporware until they are complete.


Sure would be interested in the full size prints for the metal parts and templates if you ever decide to offer them.