Q1 Wing/ Canars

Eugen Pilarski

Hi Q-Comment,

First install elevator / ailerons on canard/wing and than installed all together in the fuselage or the other way around? Which installation step would be a better choice? Any suggestions?

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Chris Walterson

Eugen------------  It is better to make sure the elevators and ailerons can be mounted before installing the canard and wing. After this is done, remove the ailerons and elevators. I found if I mount the canard to the floor with the proper incidence and then block and bondo it all in place the the canard cannot move. I then mount the fuselage to the canard. Block and bondo this into place and then glass it permamantley. Leaving it all together, you then mount the wing and glass it into place.

That's what I found works best.--------------- Chris

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