Q2 Rescue Project

Frankenbird Vern

 One thought to add.. if you do decide to proceed and can get away and fly to the FOD (Field of Dreams) this Autumn you'll see several 
variations and meet some of the folks here in person. It will be worth every minute too.  

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Sounds like you are talking about creating an almost exact copy of what Jason Skiby restored/built and what Corbin has (after he finishes his glass panel on the same airplane). I should think you could get the information you need from them. Jason and Martin Skiby are in Bakersfield. Corbin is in Dallas.


Jim Patillo is in Livermore about half his time and close to you, so he is a great resource for the O-200 installation, and is a first hand resource for the “Jim Bob 6 pack”.  Jim is also familiar with the original build of the plane that Jason started out with.


Looks like the damage you pointed out in your pictures is relatively minor, but tap test all around is a good idea in any case. We all do that with every annual inspection.


Good luck.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q2 N8WQ, 209 hours


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I am the kind of person that likes to hear options and hear what others have done. I guess in terms of pilots vs builders, I haven't really figured that out but maybe in the middle because I like building too. Having said that, I have no interest reinventing the Quickie so ...
At this point I am leaning towards an O-200 with the SDS EFI, VGs on the GU canard, glass panel and some of the handy little mods I saw on your plane (tank fill, turtle deck, ...)
Too far Off?
Really what I am missing is sitting in one, hopefully yours soon and truly fall in love with the Quickie all around.
Deeply appreciate your input and help,

Robert "TheFrisco" Schmid
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Love building planes almost as much as flying. Latest completed build is "Loki", a Chinook Plus 2 bush plane.