Revmaster cht

Dave Dugas

I think 300 degree cht is very possible looking at the work that you did on the engine baffles. I see chts of 340 degrees..... I only monitor the #3 cylinder and I have the twisted cht probe wires secured in the cylinder head with a setscrew. It's in the location that's the same as yours.

Brent Sherstan

Interesting. I’ve checked and rechecked the sensors but I just didn’t think the numbers were believable, but maybe they’re accurate after all. 

I spoke to a tech at MGL avionics this week and he recommended the way you’re doing it; connect the wires at the end and stick them in the hole. Except that he suggested not letting them touch the metal, apparently that can change the reading. He recommended covering them in a thermally conductive epoxy then putting that in the hole. Just FYI.