Rough River 2021

Ryszard Zadow

We're a month out from the best canard fly-in there is! 

Rough River 2021, September 24, 25, 26. 

The lodge is full. When I checked the other day there were no rooms available. Across the road though is a little place called the St. Claire Motor Lodge. I spoke with them this morning and they have a few rooms left however, I was informed there is a bass fishing tournament that same weekend! 

St. Claire only has 18 rooms total and maybe 10 left as I type this hurry! 

Website Update: The website has this years dates on it correctly, the next few years are a little off but as always, it's the last full weekend in September. It also still has Nicks' name and info all over it. Feel free to contact Nick if you'd like but I'll still answer questions :) We are actively recruiting someone to help manage the Rough River Website. 

As usual there is no set schedule other than hangin out on the ramp talking about airplanes, flying rides and the meeting in the tent Saturday evening. If anyone has a very interesting topic they'd like to present then please let me know. 

The "Get You Home" box. Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience is sponsoring a foot locker of spares that might be just what someone needs to get them home. The park has agreed to give us a space to store this box so spares are available year round. So far we have: 

Nose wheel tire and wheel. 
Lamb tire, tube and wheel 
5 inch tire, tube and wheel. 
A couple spare spark plugs. REM-40E and REM-38

We'll also come up with some basic tools. Anyone have other ideas or parts they'd like to contribute please let us know.